How to Compress a Video Offline

You may want to compress your videos to save the storage of your device, as the big video files are ones that cause storage space to run out. Large videos are slow to play, and sometimes take too much time to load. These files are also difficult to upload, or upload but slowly therefore compressing becomes necessary. Do you want to upload your video on the internet or share it with someone, you wish to reduce its size so that it can upload easily without taking more time or data? Here are several popular programs that can compress videos even without affecting the quality too much.

Note: You can use these programs on Windows and Mac both to compress a video.

How to compress a video offline with VLC Media Player

It is a quite unknown fact that VLC Player can compress a video file. The VLC media player is a popular media app, most of the users have installed it on their computer. So, here is how to use VLC Media Player to compress or convert a video.

1.    Open the app and go to Media.

2.    Select ‘Convert/Save’.

3.    Now, add the video you want to compress in the file tab.

4.    After adding the video, click the drop down option next to ‘Conver/Save’ button.

5.    And select ‘Convert.’

6.    Now, click the ‘Profile’ dropdown option.

7.    Select an appropriate (lower) format for your video. Changing the format of a video will reduce as well as increase its size.

8.    Select a location to save the converted video file.

9.    Click ‘Start’ to begin the conversion.

VLC Media Player starts conversion your video to the selected format. Once conversion will finish, the converted video automatically save to the destination folder.

How to compress a video offline with HandBrake

HandBrake is one of the most popular tools to compress large video files without losing quality. HandBrake is popular because:

•    HandBrake is free and Open Source.

•    Works on Microsoft Windows, Mac, and Linux.

•    Can convert videos nearly in all format, WMV, avi, m4v, mov, etc.

You can download HandBrake from, “”

Steps to compress video offline:

1.    Open the ‘HandBrake’ app.

2.    When the HandBrake opens, click ‘Open Source’ at the upper left corner.

3.    Click ‘File’ in the Source Selection section.

4.    Browse the folder of the video you want to compress.

5.    Click on the video to select it.

6.    Then click ‘Open v.’

7.    Now, click the ‘Presets:’ dropdown box.

8.    And choose a quality preset from the options.

Make sure to choose the quality or presets lower than the current video’s quality. For example, if the video is currently in 1080p then choose 720p or lower. For best compression, select “Fast” or “Very Fast.”

9.    In the ‘Save As:’ field, enter a name for your video.

10.    Click the ‘Browse’ button, if you want to select a new save location.

11.    Under the Summary tab, check the box of ‘Web Optimized.’

12.    Now, open the ‘Video’ tab and check the video settings.

13.    When all set, click ‘Start Encoding/Start’ button at the top to start compression.

Now, wait for the compression to finish, this may take a long time depends on the video you select for compression. Once your video compressed, you can play or share it from the destination location.

How to compress a video offline with QuickTime Player on Mac

1.    Browse the video you want to compress.

2.    Select the video and open it in QuickTime Player.

3.    Now, click ‘File’ at the top.

4.    Go to ‘Export As’ and select quality. Make sure to choose the quality lower than the video’s current quality.

6.    Enter a name and select a location.

7.    Click ‘Save’ to start compression.

Once your video compressed, you can play or share it from the destination location.

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